Dienstag, 16. Dezember 2014

Solidarity on Tap! January 5th at Möbel Olfe

It’s that time again! After a first round back in 2011, Möbel Olfe at Kottbusser Tor has offered to host a second Hartzer Roller fundraising night. There’ll be money rolling in so that the famous little 3-wheeler can keep rolling out… which earns the Olfe heartfelt thanks right up front!

How does it work?

It’s pretty simple actually. Just draw a nice, fat circle around January 5th on your calendar and from 7 pm show up at Möbel Olfe any time during the night ideally bringing, along with your fine self, 5 to 12 of your best and thirstiest friends, to make sure some finest grade drinking takes place. The proceeds of our collective hydration will go for the better part to the Hartzer Roller.

For many, this act of liquid solidarity will be the first noteworthy opportunity of the year to do something good for the world, thereby continuing long into January the impression that one’s New Year’s resolutions are certain to be successful :)

There will be music coming from the turntables, plus a guest appearance by the ever-fabulous band Princessin Hans. The highlight of the night though has to be the ‘Tombola’ lottery, in which you could win – HOLD ONTO YOUR HATS – an appointment joker for the Südblock sessions. That means: a one-off chance to neither wait in line nor get out of bed early, simply call ahead and order one portion of Dr. Hartz...

Contrary to my usual form I would like to ask you please to share this invitation around as extensively as you can. Please also use any appropriate buttons at the end, so that all of your social friends can be reached :) Whoever would like to, old-school style, either call their nearest and dearest - or even send a postcard - would also not be amiss.